3D Modeler & Texture Artist

3D Modeler & Texture Artist

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hello strangers !!!!

My name is Nakshatra, in short you can call me Naky...its simpler, anyways I am a CG artists, currently a developing artist. I specialize as 3D modeler & texture.

I am from INDIA & live in Kolhapur(a city in the state of Maharashtra). Since my childhood i have be keen to the feild of art. I have good art skills: anatomical, perspective knowledge. I am looking for a job as i am a fresher, I have work experince next to zero.

This is my 3D modeling & texuring Showreel....comments are always welcome !!!
for better quality try
You can look at my Portfolio for 3D modeling & texturing, hope you like it....& please comments are always welcome, i love to get castigated !!!

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